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Drane Engineering has been owned and operated since 1997 by Randell B. Drane, PE. 
Mr. Drane has over 10 years of engineering and design experience. With manufacturing experience and
exposure ranging from small batch and custom volumes to mass production, he understands how priorities can vary with volume. His machining experience serves as a reminder in all he designs of the cost ramifications of his choices. This experience was reinforced at Da'Lan Inc. where he was responsible for design and documentation of small car and truck trailer hitches. Design for manufacturability and efficiency of material and labor were paramount. At Asyst Automation, where he was part of a team delivering clean room transport systems, reliability, design modularity, design flexibility and installation efficiency became increasingly important.

Since Asyst Automation, Mr. Drane has mostly worked in the Power Plant and Process Piping industry. Here he has been exposed to the critical importance of project management and proper project definition. He recognizes the success of a project is dependant on the right design being constructed excellently. As an owner's engineer, Drane Engineering facilitates an owner's definition of scope and design parameters in preparation for RFQ submittals, project permitting and construction documentation. For product engineering, Drane Engineering helps optimize manufacturability, feature and cost parameters.

Additionally, over the last several years, Drane Engineering has been involved in VISIO development for system modeling. VISIO is used to perform heat balances and flow networks. By piecing together modular power plant components, such as pumps, boilers and turbines, plant performance and sensitivities can be analyzed. This solution provides reasonable speed, significant ease-of-use, infinite flexibility and very low per-seat cost.

Drane Engineering would be excited to discuss how we can help you with your project. Please contact us for more information.

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